Scientific Integrity Policies

Shortly after taking office, President Obama ordered agencies to create policies to safeguard scientific integrity within federal service. These policies are supposed to outlaw political manipulation of science, ensure transparency of decision-making, and protect scientific whistleblowers.

For the last 8 years, PEER has tracked the evolution of these policies and fought vigorously to broaden and strengthen them. We will continue to pursue the critical issue of scientific integrity during the Trump administration and assist scientists confronted with political manipulation or suppression of their work.

To guide scientists and other technical specialists, PEER has assembled detailed information about these policies and what they provide.

In so doing, PEER has –

Below you will find a detailed report card and the text of the Scientific Integrity policies for 15 agencies with environmental, public health and safety responsibilities.


Report Card         Department of Agriculture             Policy


CDC logo

Report Card          Center for Disease Control            Policy


Report Card          Department of Defense              Policy


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Report Card         Department of Energy            Policy


Report Card        Department of Homeland Security        Policy


Report Card         Environmental Protection Agency           Policy


Report Card          Food and Drug Administration                 Policy


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Report Card      Department of Health and Human Services     Policy


Report Card          Department of Interior            Policy


Report Card          Department of Labor               Policy


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Report Card    Marine Mammal Commission   Policy



Report Card    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration    Policy



Report Card    National Science Foundation    Policy



Report Card    National Aeronautics and Space Administration    Policy



Report Card    Department of Transportation    Policy