Thin Green Line

Federal law enforcement in our land management agencies –National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Fish & Wildlife Service – is under attack. There is even congressional legislation to abolish the law enforcement programs of both the BLM and Forest Service altogether. 

Yet, the need for law enforcement presence and services on our forest, range, refuge and park lands has never been greater, and is on the rise. Rather than expanding, these programs are facing declining budgets, lower force levels and dispirited morale under less than inspired leadership.

To make matters worse, agency leaders are often either silent or passively hostile to their own law enforcement operations.

Resource law enforcement desperately needs an advocate, and who better to advocate for us than someone who has walked a mile in our boots. That is why PEER has formed The Thin Green Line – a network of current and retired federal resource law enforcement officers, agents and rangers – to:

  • Inform the public about challenges facing federal refuge, range, forest and park law enforcement and rally their support; and
  • Reform the leadership of these programs to better protect resources, visitors, and employees of federal land managing agencies, as well as enhance law enforcement professionalism.

If you are a current or former resource law enforcement professional, please join PEER's Thin Green Line

Watch Retired National Park Service Ranger Paul Berkowitz describe how PEER works